Matt SULAM is one of Long Island, New York's premiere fitness professionals. Matt's experience as a Certified Personal Trainer in the health and fitness field spans over 30 years. Matt is the quintessential Personal Trainer that has a keen eye for what is truly relevant to success in working out. He has appeared as a fitness expert in over a dozen health and fitness Newspaper articles. Matt is also affiliated with some of the best gym equipment and fitness accessories companies in the industry. He has a dynamic, innovative and counter-intuitive training approach. Matt offers the most comprehensive selection of both traditional and cutting-edge exercise disciplines. His technical excellence, vibrant communication and interpersonal skills keep his clients motivated and interested. He promotes a consistent training rhythm through,
[Session Frequency and Exercise Adherence]. His clients goals, special needs and exercise preferences are always taken into consideration; when designing their workout routines. He focuses on achieving immediate and
long-term results for all his clients through challenging and constantly varied workouts. Matt's unique Personal Training workouts are convieniately done in your
Home-Gym, Clubhouse-Gym or County Club-Gym facilities. He has dedicated his life to training, educating and motivating others.

My passion is health and fitness. My goal is to help as many people as possible achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle transformation.
Who trains you makes all the difference, results matter, commit to get fit, exercise your power, earn your reps, get a workout-itude,
raise the bar and train like you mean it!